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Okay, here's the deal: Blogger has been having problems with their counters as of late, specifically with those blogs marked as having adult content. Now, this particular blog was marked as adult content since it is written as a train of thought, including all the rotten language that flows through my head constantly :) As a result, I marked it adult for that, not for having pornographic photos all over the place. So, simply put, be aware that there is language on this blogsite, and if you are offended don't bother complaining because I wrote this so that you'd know it before reading, and it is your fault if you don't believe me and decide to possibly get offended anyway. If language of a vulgar nature might make you upset, go read something by Disney.


Saying Welcome, And Future Topics

I just wanted to drop in quickly and say welcome to the numerous visitors from the UK!  Wow, you've already outstripped my readers from the US!  Awesome!  Also want to give a shout out to my second hit from Russia, and a new one from the Ukraine!  Nice to have international readers, so hope you keep coming back - I'll do my best to keep things interesting for you.

Just to let everyone know, due to my posting of my old website's blog entries, I'm not writing any really weighty entries here until they are done.  There are twelve of them, and as you may have surmised we're halfway through them now.  So, it won't be long before I'm grousing about more current events, such as Wikileaks (maybe), Canada's Worst Driver Season 6 (oh, I'm pissed off about that show), and Coronation Street (and now there are people who know me that are shocked and surprised that I'm a viewer...rabid viewer to be exact) among other subjects.

Again, let me know if there is something particular you want my views on.  Just hit me up at and at the very least you'll get a mention.  Until tomorrow, take it easy Good Readers!

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