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What Affected Me In 2010

Just thought I'd go over the year's stories and determine what affected me and what didn't.

Not many news stories affected me personally in 2010.  Wikileaks?  Nope.  BP oil spill?  I shake my head, but am not surprised.  The rescue of Chilean miners?  Good for them, but it wasn't anyone I knew down there.  The cost of fuel going up, and how it directly impacts grocery prices affects me, but that's about it.  Nothing really big happened this year as far as trickling down to create much of a ripple in my life.  Celebrity deaths, on the other hand, bothered me a bit.

The death of Leslie Neilsen.  That one was a big one.  Star of many and varied movie and television roles, he will be best remembered by me as "Frank Drebin, Police Squad."  I know he wasn't planning on any more "Naked Gun" movies, but he was still a bright spot on the Canadian comedy landscape.  His passing depressed me, but not as much as John Ritter's did back in 2003.  That one apparently got to a LOT of people.

Speaking of comedians, Greg Giraldo's passing shocked me.  I had just seen him as a judge on the most recent season of "Last Comic Standing," and he had also attended some of the Comedy Central Roasts, some of which are currently airing on the Comedy Network here in Canada.  Odd to see him there on the stage knowing he's passed.

Of course, the biggest celebrity death this year was that of Micheal Jackson.  His death didn't affect me much.  I had, as almost everyone in North America had, but won't admit it, owned "Thriller" back in the day, and had the next two albums as well, "Bad" and "Dangerous."  However, I had moved on musically long before the molestation stories started up, and paid little to no attention to him after my early University years.  What got my attention the most was a news report showing the interior of his mansion after his death.  The 'ghost' seen walking in the room at the end of the hall still freaks me out a little due to it being a live news broadcast that caught it.  I apologize for the lack of spelling displayed by the poster of the video, but it's the only one that I've found that slows it down without leaving the sound on, nor does it have a screaming fright face popping up to stop your heart at the end of it.

On first glance, it looks like someone walking outside the window of the far room and casting a long shadow on the wall with the fireplace.  However, upon closer inspection, specifically when the video shows it frame by frame, the shadow figure also shows down the hall to the intersecting corridor between the camera and the far room, meaning that in order to make that particular image one would have to be in the middle of the corridor actually crossing it, just as the figure seems to do.  I'm not saying it is the ghost of Micheal Jackson, or even necessarily a ghost at all, but it sure is fucking weird.

The Vancouver Olympics were incredible, great television from CTV.  So much better coverage than the CBC had been doing for a number of years (I remember when the CBC did good work televising the Games, but they had fallen apart for the last three or four before they lost the bid to televise them to CTV).  Already looking forward to their coverage of the Summer Olympic Games from London, England in 2012.  You know, as long as the impending end of the world doesn't mess with them or anything.

Topping my list of movies for the year are "Paranormal Activity 2," "Iron Man 2," "The Expendables," and of course "Inception."  I've only listed movies I've seen, in case you are wondering where the hell "Toy Story 3" is.  Well, I have it on Blu-Ray thanks to Scott, but I have yet to watch it as I am depressed enough as it is without viewing a movie loudly being touted as a real tearjerker.  Once I feel up to it, I'll watch it, and if necessary I will come back and edit this blog at that time.  So there.

New television shows that I've enjoyed this year include "No Ordinary Family," "Rookie Blue" (a Canadian cop show filmed in Toronto very obviously), "Blue Bloods," and "Outsourced."  Also liked "Mike & Molly," the new "Hawaii 5-0," and "Raising Hope."  Some others looked really promising, but fell by the wayside in this household.  Titles such as "The Event" and "Running Wilde" were off our list early.  And, as usual, some really good shows were cancelled way too early, like "Undercovers," and "My Generation."  Oh, and I'm ignoring the fact that we also watch "Hellcats,"  me for the hotties in skimpy cheerleading uniforms, Andi for the storylines.  Yeah, right.  I suck.

Musically, not much to say.  I love The Lonely Island, and got their first CD this Christmas (thanks again to Scott), but other than that I really didn't grab on to any new music this year.  See my previous blog post for info on why.

Video game titles are too numerous to mention here, but I do certainly agree with the VGA top honour going to "Red Dead Redemption" as Game Of The Year.  I am one of those people who don't finish games because, well, now it's done, there is no more of that title left to play.  Scott does the same thing.  With RDR, however, I had to finish it just to see where the story ended, and it was worth it.  I'm now starting on what may be considered the best of this year's DLC (that's DownLoadable Content for all you virgins) which is Zombie Apocalypse for RDR, so we'll see how that goes.  Tough as nails so far, or as Scott would like to hear, tough as "Thompson's Teeth - teeth so strong they can chew other teeth!"

So, that's what affected me, personally, in the year 2010.  I am looking forward to a few things for next year, but I guess that'll have to wait until tomorrow's post.  Until then, Happy New year to all, and to all a good afternoon, or morning, or whatever, depending on where you are reading this from.  If in fact anyone IS reading this, as nobody actually read my blog for the last 22 hours.  Whatever, maybe I'm back to writing for myself again already.