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Global Pussification

You know, there should be a law that simply states anyone who doesn't have to work so early in the morning must be kept asleep by Morpheus until a reasonable hour, at least until the sun is coming up or something.  This 'getting woken up by horrible dreams and rotten mattress conditions at 4:30am' bullshit simply has to stop.  Seriously.

Bygones.  So I went back and re-read my first BGJ blog entry just now, because I was at the dentist yesterday and the receptionist was chatting with my wife and I about cleanliness.  She sounds like she is coming down with a cold, and she got on the topic of always washing her hands and using those damn hand sanitizers that you now see all over the GTA as a result of the SARS scare we had a few years back.  This is one of those things that sets me off, so you Good Readers get to hear my wrath.  Thou hast been forewarned.

First off, where the fuck are all these wonderful new diseases coming from?  I have an opinion, but think about it for a minute: For readers over the age of thirty, think back to when you were a child.  Now, how often did you hear about kids collapsing due to a peanut-related allergy?  Think hard now, think really hard.  I know I never heard of it.  Sure, there was a kid in one of my years of education that couldn't eat peanut butter, but there was no peanut-free notifications all over random food packaging, there just wasn't.  How many hepatitis B commercials did you see on television when you were a kid?  Are you certain they were there, and maybe only your parents noticed them?  Fuck no, they weren't there, they weren't anywhere!

I have been seeing commercials recently, always featuring young women saying they couldn't be at risk from some disease due to their age, or having only one partner, etc..  The disease they're talking about is so new to my knowledge base that I can't even remember what the hell it is called.  What I'd like to know is, if this is becoming an epidemic so seriously that it warrants a commercial on television urging women to get tested, why the hell is it that we are just hearing about it now?  I'm not the only one who is asking this question; Scott, Andi, people I've talked to when I actually do escape the confines of my house, all of us are wondering when this wonderful new threat to our planet's women came from, and why it is so serious right off the bat.

Well, I happen to believe that I may have an answer:  Global Pussification.  Not a real term, you say?  Not even a real word?  No, it isn't, but maybe I just created my own new term in response to all the new threats we keep seeming to stumble over.  See, I think I know the reason these new diseases are coming to light all of a sudden, and it is our own fault as a society.  SARS scared the shit out of a lot of people, and so people went apeshit crazy trying to do the one thing doctors kept spouting off about at the time: Wash your hands, avoid the disease.  Now, since then, there have been studies that have shown that hand sanitizers don't effectively thwart a cold or the flu, and are good mainly for stopping a gastrointestinal disease from taking hold.  This means that most people are using the stuff for no good reason, and are thinking that they are protecting themselves when they actually aren't doing a damn thing to fend off the bugs they have been using the stuff for because of uninformed doctors repeating what someone else said, just to make sure they are still in the loop.

Don't think that happens?  Look at the idiots who don't get their kids vaccinated because a fake British study (yes, fake, it has been disparaged by many scientists, doctors, and the study itself has been proven false) has told them that vaccines cause autism.  Jenny freaking McCarthy has become a champion to people who don't bother to do any research beyond reading what 'true stories' are written on the internet, when the real information is right there to be easily found.  Don't believe me about the easy?  Here come the links:  Time Magazine, 2002;  National Academies Press free online book, 2004;  Los Angeles Times article about three cases thrown out of court, 2010.  I had to do exactly one search one Bing and one on Wikepedia (the Wiki link is directly to the article) to find all of these pages referenced by just one article.  That's how hard it is to find proof, not stories from some random guy in Nowhere, Nebraska, who knows a guy that knows a guy, actual proof that this is bullshit.  Yet parents are still fighting the knowledge that an ex-Playboy Bunny couldn't be more wrong about her cause, verifiable proof found here.

What this all boils down to is that parents are more willing to argue the merits of a proven fake study than to actually give a shit about their child's well-being, and yet they are doing everything else possible to protect themselves from a world that isn't out to get them.  Let me go back to the hand sanitizer thing.  People are using this stuff constantly, and fending off quite a variety of virus-causing bacteria (just not the ones they think they are fending off), but doctors are now aware of what I thought would be an obvious truth:  The human body has an immune system, and it is trained to eliminate viruses.  Like an army, that immune system needs to fight off stuff in order to get good at it.  If the immune system doesn't fight anything, just like an army, it gets fat and lazy...wait a gets unused to doing its job, and when a real threat comes along, one that kicks down the walls of a puny hand sanitizer, suddenly the immune system is completely outmatched and the Nazis take over France...just a moment...and the body falls to a disease it might have been able to protect against if it had ever had the opportunity to get stronger in the resistance department.  Just like France during WWII, the body's defence system is like the Maginot Line - if it had been finished (if the body would learn to protect itself properly) the Germans would never have been able to sweep through Belgium unimpeded (the body would not die due to whooping cough or measles, both of which are easily avoided by taking the exact same vaccine that dear Jenny says causes autism). 

All this means is that the worries of the world are causing more problems in the world.  Global Pussification.  We get wimpier, and the bullies, which haven't really changed, get harder to take down.  Again, think WWII.  America was all about isolationism, and it took a major attack to wake them up to defend themselves and help save the free world.  How many adults and children have to die before the general populace wakes up and realizes that protecting our children and ourselves to the extreme extent we are doing so is going to ultimately lead to a quick downfall?