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Egypt And America's Homefront: A Spanking

America is always very loud about bringing democracy to the countries that don't have it, but you know what I've learned the most from watching the news over the last week?  That America should look to keeping their own country afloat and let the people in some of those other countries do their own government reorganization without resorting to artillery and smart bombs.  Look at how relatively peaceful the country is overthrowing 30 years of iron-fisted rule...yes, demonstrators have died to the tune of 150 plus, yes the government's party headquarters was torched by Molotov cocktails early in the protests, these things are both readily apparent and glaringly different than if the US had stepped in to preserve their version of order.

Personally I am quite proud of Egypt, and will be very interested to see North Korea in the wake of the inevitable successful ousting of Mubarak (by the way, even the army in the country is taking a step back now, promising no more violence and no more confrontation of protesters in Cairo).  Perhaps the world will be able to see real change brought about the way it should be - not by force over some bullshit excuse by a foreign power, but by political demonstration from within.  First Tunisia, then Egypt...the possibility certainly exists, if the US can keep themselves the fuck out of it.

I'm writing this to explain that I am one of the many who wish the Untied States had never gotten involved with Iraq, at least the second time.  The first time, there was a conceivable threat.  The second time it was about oil, and there isn't an intelligent, reasonable, clear-thinking human being within the borders of our neighbour to the south who doesn't realize that as the infamous truth.  As a result, hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered in the name of ousting a dictator after a president's personal agenda governed the country to the point that intelligence agencies were purposefully lying to each other in order to keep the pretense alive, long after it was clear to people outside the country what was really going on.  Then, they turn it into 'bringing democracy to a country that had none.'  America should be ashamed of letting Bush take their young soldiers into a war without true need, especially the Republicans from which party Bush came from and who supported him the loudest, but they are now too busy calling everyone who disagrees with them Nazis to see the truth.

And what exactly the fuck is wrong with Fox News?  They have the word 'news' built right into the title of their station; one would think that as a result, they might consider attempting to report some of it, rather than simply trying to further the Republican agenda.  Or are they simply there to help Jon Stewart make obviously salient points night after night about how the United States is tipping closer and closer to hell?  Jon seems to know what a lot of Republicans are missing:  There has not been one successful empire in the history of the planet, and America might want to look at itself as it slips over the edge.  China is poised to be the world's new superpower, with all the American debt it is holding, so instead of infighting the Republicans might want to consider unity, if only to keep the country strong for a few more years.

While Sarah Palin laughs off the need for real innovation and discovery within the Scientific community of the US (while getting her historic facts wrong again, as usual), the truth of the matter is that if America doesn't start getting their national debt in check, stop their dependence on OPEC oil, and get their country back to making things within their own borders, I'm afraid we are going to witness The Fall Of The American Empire within our own lifetimes.  Sad?  Maybe.  Inevitable without real change?  A firm certainty.

Oh, and when the forefathers said that everyone had the right to bear arms, they were in fact talking about the muskets of the day, not AK-47s.  Grow up America, and stop with the gun violence.  For a nation so rich in history and so strong militarily, it would be nice if your children stopped shooting each other's eyes out on a day-to-day basis.  Show some maturity and do something that really matters for once.  And by all means, dismiss this blog post as the ramblings of some asshole Canadian who doesn't have a clue.  After all, I've only written an article on the 18th of January this year (section starts at the 6th paragraph and continues through rest of post) regarding the fact that vaccination does not cause autism; "The Colbert Report" had a scientist on last night (Dr. Paul Offit, episode aired January 31st, 2011) talking about nothing other than vaccination and how the lack of it is starting epidemics of Whooping Cough and Measles, both of which I mentioned by name in that post two weeks ago.  I must not have my finger on the pulse, right?  Oh, and I apologise to anyone trying to view the clips from outside the States, as they can't be viewed unless in America.

Grow up America.  You're embarassing yourselves.

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