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What I'm Looking Forward To In 2011 (and two things I'm not)

Happy New Year to all those who celebrate it!  Happy Saturday to all those who don't!  Happy whatever day this is to you if you don't follow the Gregorian Calendar!

Yup, it is now 2011.  As promised yesterday, I am now going to post what I am looking forward to for this year.  See?  Depressed house-bound people can look forward to things too.  Honest!

First off, on a personal note, I'm looking forward to being able to fix up my Kia Sportage, get insured again, and be able to drive and get out of these walls.  Nobody is going to write a Hollywood blockbuster about this, but it is my first wish and desire for the new year.  The next personal item is my weight.  As I have mentioned earlier, I am overweight.  Actually, I am what doctors and physicians consider 'morbidly obese.'  That's a great one, isn't it?  It has morbid baked right into the title.  I feel that even if I lose a hunk of poundage, I still wanna figure out a way to keep the morbid part in my general description.  Just to keep the rubberneckers at bay.  Like, "Hey. there's morbid Dave, best stay away from him," and such.  Now, the obesity (that part I can lose) is contributing to, but not the cause of, my heart problem.  What it is also doing is killing my back, making me not sleep, and having me up at whatever soulless time it is in the morning that I am writing this blog.  There's more, but I'm not going into it here.  I now have almost all the Kinect games that focus on weight loss (last one is on its way via Amazon), and am planning to see my doctor soon to discuss which to start with and get a whole plan worked up.  So, no resolutions here, just looking forward to driving and getting more active at home.

Now, on to the good stuff.  It has been brought to my attention that I missed out on one major media type yesterday in my look back over the previous year, and that was books.  Well, allow me to rectify that:  I cannot state truthfully that any books from last year affected me in any way whatsoever, except in the small sense that they made me wish I had money to spend on them.  I am a reader, a voracious reader, and I have a couple of magazine subscriptions that just started in December, but they are really cheap in comparison to the latest books.  There are books I am planning to buy, but I have to budget for them.  Therefore, I read nothing new last year that hadn't been released in previous years.  This year, however, there are a few titles I am planning to grab up.  Terry Goodkind's latest "Sword Of Truth" novel for example.  The late Robert Aspirin's final "Spellsinger" title.  The late Robert Jordan's final three "Wheel Of Time" titles, finished posthumously by an author his wife chose after his death at his request.  There might be others, but I'll learn about them as I go.  That should satisfy this particular omission from yesterday's post.

Movies I'm interested in this year are numerous, but there are a few huge stand-outs that I'll mention here.  "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part Two" is my most highly anticipated movie for this year.  You may have noticed that I did not include Part One on my 2010 list, and this is simply because as far as any loyal fan of the series is concerned, the movie ain't done yet.  Kind of like the "Kill Bill" titles - until the second half is complete, the whole movie hasn't been seen yet.  Anyway, that comes out on July 15th.  Other titles I'm looking forward to include:  "Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" on May 20th, "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" on July 1st, and "Thor" on May 6th.  All these dates are current North American release dates, just so you know.  One other title I'm looking forward to has to be "Paranormal Activity 3" which is aimed at October 21st., and for more info about why I refer you to my previous blog entry regarding the horror genre in general.

Musically I'm only looking forward to the new Lonely Island CD.  Again, I don't keep current with music, but I do pick up songs here and there.  Haven't checked to see if any of my favourite bands are releasing anything new this year other than these guys, so I'll have to wait and see.  Check in with me again at the end of 2011, and we'll see if I had any new revelations.

Video-game-wise, there are a couple of titles that have me curious this year, but one in particular is the only title worth speaking of:  "The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim."  With a release date of 11-11-11, I have a long damn time to wait and anticipate, but it will be worth it.  For those of you in the know, you understand fully why.  For those of you not in the know, this game news is the equivalent of watching the first two movies of the Peter Jackson "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy, being told that there will NEVER be a third in that trilogy, waiting five years with constant denial from the company that made the movie that there will EVER be a third movie, and then out of the blue getting news not only of there being a third movie in the works, but a release date and a teaser trailer as well on the same date.  Oh, and if "The Lord Of The Rings" doesn't float your boat, how about if James Cameron had zero plans on a sequel to "Avatar?"  No?  How about no intention of releasing the last "Harry Potter" movie?  The last "Twilight" movie?  I give up - if you still don't get it, ask one of your friends who actually owns a soul.

As far as television goes, as usual I am looking forward to the award season starting later this month (like next week!).  As far as I know, there aren't any special mini-series or movie events that I'm excited to see.  I am looking forward to a couple of new shows starting in the next couple of weeks - "The Cape" comes to mind, as does "Perfect Couples."  Other than that, just the usual fare, as far as I know.  Of course, as I mentioned in my "Corrie"-based entry, I'm looking forward to the 50th anniversary week to air here in Canada, but that won't be until September-October, so I have a little wait for that.

So there you have it, what I'm looking forward to this year.  Oh, and those two things I'm not looking forward to?  Well, one would be an all-out war between the United States and her allies and China and her allies over the ongoing strife between North Korea and South Korea (Don't think I mentioned it before, but do you know the Korean War - the one the T.V. show "M*A*S*H" took place during - has never ended?  They only signed a cease-fire, and the war is still ongoing.).  The other is almost as horrible:  On April 28th, 2011, I turn 40.