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Okay, here's the deal: Blogger has been having problems with their counters as of late, specifically with those blogs marked as having adult content. Now, this particular blog was marked as adult content since it is written as a train of thought, including all the rotten language that flows through my head constantly :) As a result, I marked it adult for that, not for having pornographic photos all over the place. So, simply put, be aware that there is language on this blogsite, and if you are offended don't bother complaining because I wrote this so that you'd know it before reading, and it is your fault if you don't believe me and decide to possibly get offended anyway. If language of a vulgar nature might make you upset, go read something by Disney.


Back In The Saddle

Morning folks.  I just threw down another gamer blog post, regarding my pet peeves about people playing multiplayer CoD without a brain in their skulls.  If interested, find it here at Confessions.

Other than that, I'm slowly getting back up to speed, so take that to heart in that I am not writing at full steam again quite yet.  I am awaiting the final confirmation of our mortgage being switched to a new company this week, thereby saving us from losing the house (if we don't get this done by the 15th, we're fucked), as well as anticipating (not) my final dentist appointment for quite some time on Wednesday.  Basically, I have a lot on my mind, and it is screwing me up as far as organizing my thoughts on more than one topic at a go.  Sue me.

I'll fill everyone in on what the latest news is when it happens, and with any luck I'll be back on all cylinders soon.  Until then, take it easy everyone.