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Okay, here's the deal: Blogger has been having problems with their counters as of late, specifically with those blogs marked as having adult content. Now, this particular blog was marked as adult content since it is written as a train of thought, including all the rotten language that flows through my head constantly :) As a result, I marked it adult for that, not for having pornographic photos all over the place. So, simply put, be aware that there is language on this blogsite, and if you are offended don't bother complaining because I wrote this so that you'd know it before reading, and it is your fault if you don't believe me and decide to possibly get offended anyway. If language of a vulgar nature might make you upset, go read something by Disney.


Not Quite Back Yet

I do know it has been a long time since I've posted, and there are a few reasons for that:  First it was due to the virtual annihilation of my life as I knew it, then it was stress and on-going fallout from said annihilation.  Now it is more a matter of being unable to let various cats out of various bags until certain investigations have neared completion, and/or waiting to see if a story breaks in national media.

The point is, I am going to come back and write these blogs, I fully intend to do so.  However, it is still going to be a little while before I am able to do so.  Right now, it looks as though one way or another I will be able to discuss everything come the end of September/early October, so look for a major post around those periods.

Also, I am a little worried about what I post at that time.  A person I had a relationship with through the BFG website decided that after hearing only a portion of the honest truth that she never wanted to hear from me again, and that I was ultimately full of shit.  Don't know whether a bigger audience would do the same unless there is some proof in the newspapers or television news, but regardless I will post the truth when the time comes to do so.

So, those of you still checking in periodically to find out if I've posted, rest assured - the big story is coming, but you'll have to be patient with me for one more month (assuming another big flip doesn't occur right at the end of that time...that'll make sense when I type the rest out).

Until then, take care and be patient!