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First Video Post...How Not To Report The News

This is one of the most damn ridiculous news items you will EVER see...

5th BJG Blog Entry

Unidentified Flying Objects (U.F.O.s) - February 24th, 2005 - 12:43 PM.
Tonight, on a station that isn't showing Survivor, Peter Jennings is presenting a special 2-hour long event about U.F.O.s, after having spent a year researching the subject. Last night, he was interviewed on Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show' about the news special, and he stated that coming into the research he was a skeptic, and since completing the research he remained a skeptic. Now, I can certainly understand being skeptical about a subject having a basis in reality, but I feel that there are some aspects of this topic that are unexplainable unless you figure in the notion of U.F.O.s being real.
First off, let's focus on what everyone has at least some knowledge of: The Roswell incident. It is quite widely accepted as fact that the United States government covered up the crash of some type of flying craft outside Roswell, New Mexico, in the 1940s or so. It is also widely accepted as fact that there have been a lot of secret goings on at an airbase in Nevada known unofficially as 'Area 51,' including odd lights in the skies at night and reported suspension of the laws of physics which the lights apperently display (I'm not certain, but I believe the airbase has White Plains in the official name). Here we come to the first interesting question: If these two locations are not linked in some way, and if U.F.O.s don't exist, how is it that the rumours regarding these accepted facts have survived (and thrived) for 60 years? Well, while part of it can be explained away, some of it cannot.
Area 51, located in Nevada as stated earlier, has been a secret testing ground for some of the U.S.'s most successful aircraft, including the F-18. Harrier Jump Jets also were created at this base, and as we all know they take off vertically, which to the casual eye can suggest the suspension of the laws of physics since all planes before it took off horizontally. So, given the secretive nature of the work being done, the airbase bought a great deal of the land surrounding it, thereby making certain that their military secrets were not leaked to the world via onlookers. In fact, if you were to drive a car as far as possible towards Area 51, and then got out and walked cross-country, you would soon come upon a sign reading that any unauthorized persons crossing this barrier would be acted upon with lethal force. That's a doozy of a threat, isn't it? Take another step, and we are authorized to shoot to kill. So, obviously, not a lot of information has come out of Area 51 over the years. Does this also mean that one of the reasons no unauthorized persons are able to have a clear sight line to the base is because alien spacecraft are being tested there? No, but that doesn't mean there aren't either.
Now, what about the crash site near Roswell? Well, there is no doubt about there being a crash, since it was in all the next day's papers, complete with grainy photographs. What it was that crashed is the question, and to that the U.S. government has yet to comment. (Actually, I believe the official line is that it was a weather balloon.)  Regardless, residents in the area have 'kept the faith' for so long that the incident has become legend, and virtually the entire economy of the town of Roswell is now based on U.F.O.s as a result.
Of course, movies like 'Independence Day' don't help the public to forget about the area, and really the whole 'aliens are coming to kill us' genre of movie-making started around the same time as the Roswell crash, which also happened to be around the same time that Orson Welles delivered his famous radio play "The War Of The Worlds" to a highly-suggestible population. Coincidence? I personally don't think so. And neither does Peter Jennings, though he still says his skepticism stays strong.
Well, that covers the well-established facts. Now for some speculative ones. Let's start with Ginza Man. What the fuck, you say? Let me fill you in: In Central America (Exactly where eludes me for the moment, but there are lots of websites about all this stuff. Get off your ass and Google something, will ya?), as in numerous other locations world-wide, there is a drawing of a man on a hillside. (Point of fact: around the world there are animals portrayed this way, but I believe that Ginza is the only place people are depicted in this manner.  However, I could be wrong as I didn't look into it deeply.  I do know that animals are what appear in most drawings of this nature globally)  Made in ancient times (Again, don't ask me when. This is a blog, not a research paper.), the figure is huge. How huge? You can't see it from the ground huge. In fact, it is so big that you need to be in an aircraft to see it at all. But wait, you say, there were no aircraft in ancient times! That's right; so, if there were no aircraft when the figure was drawn, exactly who was it drawn for if it can only be seen from the air? And why, praytell, are there more than one of them? Intergalactic signposts maybe? Hang a right at the guy with huge balls? Last chance for edible humans for next 10 light years? Who knows? However, the oddness remains...
Next up: Eyewitness accounts. Now, I'm not talking about the Anal Probe Contingency here, I'm talking about normal (me), average (me again) and intelligent (!) people seeing things they can't explain. As may have been suggested by the bracketted comments above, I too have seen lights in the sky behave completely abnormally, and while I don't know what they were, I'm not jumping the gun and yelling "ALIENS!" at the top of my lungs. Certainly unidentified, but point of origin unknown, and that's what I believe in: The literal translation of U.F.O., Unidentified Flying Object. Was it in the air? Yes. Was it travelling in the air? Yes. Did I know what it was? No. It fulfilled all of the qualifications it needed to for it to be noted as a U.F.O., but nowhere did I say anything about little green dudes, or an uncomfotably 'full' feeling issuing from my colon.
Finally, we get to Carl Sagan. Why, you ask? Well, it was he who first commented on the size and scope of the universe, and made the connection (purely scientifically, mind you) that our being the only intelligent life here in the universe is statistically impossible due to the sheer number of planets able to support life. How did he know how many planets can support life? He didn't, but given that we just happen to be the exact right distance from our closest star to sustain us, with a layer of atmosphere to protect us from the most harmful of that star's rays, with all the varied life found here on this planet which is blanketed in a toxic gas to which we have adapted...well, there must be at least one more in the near infinite space the universe occupys. And, if there is one, there could be hundreds. As the size of the universe approaches infinity, the number of planets within it also approaches infinity, and the number of possibly inhabited planets follows suit. Trust me, the math would blow your mind; this simple discussion is easier to comprehend.
So, are we in contact with little green men from another planet? Maybe. I don't know. I'd like to think so, but until there is definitive proof, even though the evidence likely points to yes, I'll just have to join Jennings in looking up at the sky and saying, "I wonder if..." Until next time, everybody...
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Sorry about no early morning post.  Nothing new, I was in fact up, but I just didn't feel like slipping over here to write anything.  Such is life.  Still, I'm here now, and even though I won't be here long, I promise to put my very heart and soul into each and every word I write today in this blog, starting with the very next sentence that follows this one.