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The Start Of The Story Of Summer 2011

Greetings once again, loyal readers.  I know I haven't been posting anything as of late, and I also know that I promised a good reason as to why I hadn't.  Well, I'm still not writing anything new at the moment, but what I am doing is editing and posting various e-mails I've been forced to write for various reasons over the past few months, detailing what has actually been going on.  As this is still quite a tender subject to me, this is the best I can offer right now.  If I skip anything monumental, let me know, and I'll fill in the blanks.

With that said, here we go:

First thing anyone reading this should know is that we were forced to move as a result of our inability to get our mortgage renewed on our home.  This came about as a result of an attempt by our mortgage company to foreclose upon us back in 2007/2008 which itself occurred because my disability support was cut off by the government after my father, the home's main wage earner, died.  Sounds backwards?  Get used to it.  Anyway, a loan we got then to make sure we could stay in the house was applied for and received, but then this guy decided to tack it onto the cost of refinancing a new mortgage, which made our lender balk, and it all fell through.  That's the backstory, and again if I missed anything, ask and I will fill in those pesky blanks.  Suffice it to say, Andi, Scott and myself were thrown to the street and had to find a place to live.  The place Andi found is over an hour north of Toronto, in the middle of nowhere, and tiny as hell.

The move happened about as poorly as could have been expected.  First, we were evicted a day early because the lawyer for the buyer of the house wanted a bigger kick-back than he was getting to let us stay the extra day, so he reneged on the deal and forced us up here in the dead of night with what we were wearing, what little we could gather in one hour, and one mattress tied to the roof of my car.  The move happened the next day, but the movers were incompetent, and only loaded half the house in the whole day.  They got here at midnight, but because the banks were closed and we needed to get more than the $500 allowed from a bank machine withdrawal, they refused to unload and left with the truck full.  Scott tried to pay them the next day, when the truck should have been getting the other half of our stuff, but after a day of phone tag nothing got done.  He paid them the day after, and the truck came up, and they expected another $800 to unload on top of everything else.  Scott got the driver to start unloading anyway, and we got the truck emptied, discovering almost half of the stuff they hauled was either broken or packed unsafely.  The driver said he wouldn't leave until we paid him another $800, so we had the police here to ensure he left.

As if this isn't enough, the buyer then refused us access to the house to get the rest of our belongings, so we have lost half of what we owned.  This includes all the stuff from my father after he died, all the stuff from Andi's mother after she died, all the stuff from Scott's father after he died, all the stuff from my childhood I was collecting for future kids of my own, all our books, games, clothes, Christmas decorations, piles of electronics (including two televisions and at least one stereo surround system), a painting from a British artist valued at over $500, and more.  Gone, just gone.  Imagine everything you've kept for any sentimental or meaningful purpose, piled together in one big group, and then having someone set fire to it while you watch.  Yeah, that's where we were, and still are.

Then Scott goes back to work, and they refuse to pay him for the three weeks he had to take off in order to do the move.

And then they fire Scott the following week.

So, as of July 1st, we were living on my disability benefits, which left us exactly $25 for the rest of July.  Scott was trying to get unemployment benefits, but nothing had come yet...the company was supposed to pay him a severance package, but they didn't bother, so now the Labour Board is involved, but we don't know where that was going to go either.  We do know that they were planning an audit of the company, and that will likely shut them down permanently (they never gave Scott lunch breaks or the 15 minute breaks he is allowed by law, made him work overtime virtually every day with no pay increase, etc..).

Some of these things came about, and some didn't.  Some of them we're going to court over, and some of them are big lawsuits totalling in the millions, but we'll get there in future posts.  Over the next three or four, I'll get everyone all caught up with what's been going on.  Trust me, it's a bumpy ride, one that I actually lost a friend over due to the fact that she didn't believe that I was telling her the truth.

Until next time...